Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another update

Well I thought i would give another up date On Octavio my b/f
Well i finally got a call from him after 3 days of not hearing nothing i was very upset because when he was in Boone county jail they show on there web site when the release someone and it said he was shipped to grayson county jail and i call and checked there web site for 2 days and they kept saying he wasn't in there jail so i was loosing my mind and then on the 3rd day i woke up and checked my cell for missed calls and there was 2 so i checked voice mail and it said he was in kenosha county jail i thought to myself that don't sound like a county in Kentucky i said to my uncle who was he that sounds like a county in Wisconsin and googled it i be damned if i wasn't right yeah he is in Wisconsin so about a half in hour later he called back and they said i could not accept his phone call i had to have a credit or debt card so i had a friend take me to put money on my pre paid debt card and he called later that day and i gave them my info and we talked for about 12 Min's and he told me he was taking for Boone county jail on the 3rd of DEC and went strait to Chicago and they where full and he was sent to the closest county and they told him it could be any where from 1 week to 1 month before he goes back to Chicago and that same day he will be sent to Mexico on a air plane I'm so happy i know what they told him but now i have a new problem he called back and it said i needed to make another 25.00 deposit like oh my god what you mean to tell me they charged me $25.00 for that 12 min call we had they are a rip off i am so mad Monday i am going to call and try to talk to a supper visor because i was told there was not one on the weekend and the lady was not nice at all i am trying to get some work this week so i can get enough money for my bus ticket to Mexico and i don't know how I'm gonna do it and i need to get more Min's on the phone because he is going to call me when they are sending him to Chicago so i can leave and go ahead to Mexico and wait for him in the place where they are going to leave him so anyone know of anyone who needs a worker for a day or 2 please help if you do thanks your friend Tiffany Salas


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Tiffany, I picture the frustration & heartache that you must be enduring! I hope that speaking with a supervisor helps!

Here are some other thoughts:

1) the company with whom the VA contracts to provide my in-home caregiver is always looking for new employees. They even offer their present employees $100 bonus for finding new workers. They seem to have plenty of work available. I will write a reference letter for you if you are interested.

2) The kids & you are still invited to help me put up my Christmas decorations. I still have a car & can drive; we'd have to take my wheelchair out of the back of it to make enough room for all of you.

3) If you telephone me & I don't answer the phone, please leave a message. I nap quite a bit these days.

4) You & your family remain in my heart and my prayers, my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

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