Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new pics of me

Saturday, August 16, 2008

just some funny picture's

Geting ready to do it all over agian!

Yeah you heard it right im geting ready to travel agian it takes 2 days to get there and im only going to be there 4 lol I will be bringing back my youngest child with me thats is gona be some trip i hope i dont get sick agian! i am going to be leaveing on the 21st so i will post a few more post befor i go ok thanks everyone for stoping bye!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stop Smokeing Ad

Drug's In The Water!

World government is the concept of a political body that would make, interpret and enforce international law. Inherent to the concept of a world government is the idea that nations would be required to pool or surrender (depending on point of view) sovereignty over some areas. In effect, a world government would add another level of administration above the existing national governments or provide coordination over areas national governments are not capable of adequately addressing as independent polities. The authority granted this level and how it relates to national governments and/or citizens is debated by both adherents and opponents to world government.As a sign of the growing influence of the worldwide web in the human civilization today, a group of advocates from different parts of the world, adhering to The Globalist Manifesto, are snowballing the formation of a world government.[[1]]

Some people see international institutions (such as the International Criminal Court, United Nations and International Monetary Fund) and various supranational and continental unions (such as European Union, South American Union and Asian Union) as the beginning elements of a world government system. An organization comprised of legislators from various nations known as Parliamentarians for Global Action have promoted ideas of democratic global governance, though such promotion has varied in its scope and intensity during the organization’s history.

im back

my trip was not a realy good one i spent most of the time in the hospital i had chest wall pain is what they called it it felt more like a heart atack i feel a little better now i will post agian soon! thanks everyone for your comments!