Sunday, April 26, 2009

burning dvd

Oh my god this is giveing me a headace can someone please!!!!!!!!!!!! help me who out there knows how to buen dvd's i have tryed and after it burns so it say's i put the dvd in my home dvd and a portable dvd player its says dvd not souported or check disc please anyone out there know how to burn

Friday, April 24, 2009

hello everyone

Hello everyone it's been a long while since i have had a pc so i have not been able to blog well i have Finlay got a brand new one so i am Finlay able to get back into to blogging i have much to write about so here i go..............

Let's see i had my 27Th birthday this year i have a new boyfriend it seems like every time i say hes better than the ones i have had it doesn't turn out that way so I'm not gonna say that lol
my kids are geting way big my oldest henda is 11 yrs old soon to be 12 is now officially taller than her mom have 2 new dogs china who is mixed with who knows what and chunky who is a husky we had a rabbit R.I.P FU FU chunky got a hold of her and she died it weird tho i really cant blame him all that much he was taught to attack rabbits possums and so on but any way so how about this weather ah trip right raining one day cold the next and then 83 today lol well i will write some more later also i am posting pics of me and a couple of the kids and one of me and octavio