Wednesday, February 20, 2008


wow it is very hard to get comment's on my page I know my blog is not very good but .... I do try to post at least once a week so if anyone know's how to get more people to comment please feel free to let me know thank you

Monday, February 18, 2008

The One That Got A Way!

Are the fish biting today? I guess we will see .The sun is just rising. Is it meant to be? With my pole in my hand,I head for the shore. I don't need a tackle box, Just worms, nothing more. I find a nice rock, 'Ah, this one will do. 'It's just the right size. I kick off my shoes. The worms are a wriggling, The water is just right I cast out my line And get ready to fight. I sit and wait patiently. The sun is so warm. I should get a bite. Uh - Oh. here comes a storm. I reel in my line And head up the hill, Then pray to the GodsOne wish to fulfill. Let it be quick. Don't stay here too long. I want to go fishing. This storm should be gone. A few cracks of thunder And some lightning, too, Some big drops of rain To make everything new. Then like two young lovers The clouds they did part I grabbed all my gear And playing it smart, I put on my jacket And a nice wide brimmed hat Then on my rock by the shoreI once again sat. I donned a new worm And cast out my line. It was still kinda sprinklin' But that was just fine. With a zing and a whir My pole came alive. A fish I had caught And, oh, he had drive. He swam and he swam, But I wouldn't give up. I would land this fish And have him for sup. Then like a gunshot My line it did break. My heart turned to mush Right there on the lake. The one that got away? Him, I'll never forget. For maybe next time, I'll remember my net.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

random funny pic's


Now that my life is so great.Now that my life has no pain.You come and tear it apart,You come in and leave when you want.Now that the darkness is filled with happinessNow that joy is overcoming the hate You take those moments and switch'em to role plays You drag me into a world of fantasies and evil intentions and what i knew all erases.Now that i've become a new person Now that my old self is determined You tell me lies,lies and more liesYou tell me you was me this whole time.

Friday, February 15, 2008

wow was i ever shocked! feb14-2008

I sat waiting for my viejo {my old man} to get home like allways on thursday we go to walmart to cash his check and buy our grocierys for the week well he finaly comes walking in the door gives me my beso and ask's (mija do you mind if i take my cousin and his friends to cash there checks and i will also go ahead and cash mine andi when i come back we will go and do our shoping. I said sure well he was about to walk out the door and comes back in and ask's me{do you have a piece of string?} huh i ask what kind of string he look's in the dresser next to our bed and grabs a breadtell you when tie he's asks {can you hold this around your finger so i can cut this ?} by this time i am really confused so i ask what do you need this for? he say {i'll i get back} well he return's about an hour later and say's {let's go} well i must i was wondern if i was going to receve any thang for valintinesday but i was n$ot going to ask hey you gona give me somethang lol.... any way we finaly get our shopeing done and we are on our way back home when erwin {my hubby/viejo} say's mi amor that's what he call's me ---def--mi amor --my love-- i am sorry i didnt get you any thang for valinetinesday i was thiking damn we was just at walmart yoou could have got me a card!! lol but i say its ok because i couldn't get you anythang i dont have any money he say's{i dont want anythang i have you} allllllllllll i say he say's {you know what happend to me on the way home?} i said what he say's{ have you ever heard of a guy name cupid?} i lol i said yes actualy i bloged about him yeasterday he say's{ well i was driveing and out of no where cupid pop's up in the car and say's to me hey chino my hubby's nickname he say's yeah i know you didn't get tiffany anythang but if she is good tonite while you all are at walmart i am gona leave somethang in your room for her... he ask's {do you beleave in cupid?} i said your crazy! he say's well we will just have to see what happen's well we get back to the hotel and i walkin and he say's {omg what's that?} i look there's a little red box on my table i smiled and he asked {are you gona open it?} so i sit down and opened it andin side was a chain with a charm on the charm it said LOVE on the back it say's LOVE IS ETERNAL he say's wow he did come lol i said how did you do that? he said i didnt do anythang lol he got on over on me lol... he still say's he didnt do it but we know he did!!!!!!!! thank's for listen to my v-day story!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


SOLD $43.500 I NOW HAVE 30DAYS TO MOVE!!!! so happy but sad also you see the house was my dads for about 22yrs befor he dies good and bad memories adios mi casa!!!!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

ME LOL........

You have been chosen to receive the Blessing of the Snow Fairy! The Snow Fairy will bring you good luck for one year! May you be blessed by his good deeds!.....

After going through a virus attack,
losing my hard drive,
fighting off hackers,
upgrading all my software,
installing fire-walls,
being threatened with being cut-off by my email provider,
and a host of other problems..
I have fixed my computer...
and NOW it works exactly the way I want it to!


Today is International Disturbed People's Day

Please send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend... just as I've done.

I don't care if you lick windows,
take the special bus
or occasionally pee on yourself...
You hang in there sunshine, you're extra special


They Have Unveiled The Official Portrait:Monica ???

Friday, February 08, 2008

A new pic of my self! ugly i know!

very funny