Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A candle's weak mysterious flame
Warms up my heart on stormy nights
I realize it's me to blame
For all the crazy, angry fights

I want to ask you to forgive
For what I've said for what I've done
My love is all I have to give
I'll try to change, I will try hard

I realized you're all I have
There's no one else that close to me
Give me a chance and understand
That only you can let set me free

So I'm looking in your eyes
Asking you to break those chains
Chains of guilt and chanins of lies
Please use your enchanting ways.

All but you!

All But You
Millions of people pass by meMy heart wish to see only youThousands of eyes are set on meMy eyes match only youLove knows no boundTime is bondedU and me foreverIts so profound to be fonded U and me togetherWhat is the past incase it lastsIn the face of horrible holocaustCathedrals and churches Old Oaks and BirchesAll remind me of only youWhen sweet was the life And there was no strifeI thought of only youIncarnations, rejuvenationsAmalgamation and resurrectionsAll these tell me Only you are my combinationLove knows no boundTime is bondedU and me foreverIts so profound to be fonded U and me togetherDown the memory lane Whenever I see a maneI remember thy FirstIncarnation of pastI remember the orchards And I remember the old birdsIn the mist till I seeYou as ever foreverSweetest dream came true the dayWhen I saw you in MayBoth the magical ring And you had to say:Love knows no boundTime is bondedU and me foreverIts so profound to be fonded U and me togetherDon’t ask me what the rhyme is aboutDon’t say and please don’t doubtWhenever you will listen thy songNo matter wherever you belong Will come to your cast The beautiful life of pastEven If you and I can never meetEven if you are lost in the world fleetJust remember me and remember thy songSing this aloud and sing it alongLove knows no boundTime is bondedU and me foreverIts so profound to be fonded U and me togetherForever together

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Learning Patience

Wait on the Lord:
be of good courage,
and he shall stengthen thine heart:
wait I say, on the Lord.
Psalm 27:14

The idea of patience is not a popular one to day. We are expected to be aggressive, to go out and get what we want when we want it. Those who wait patiently for the Lord to supply their needs are generally subject to ridicule.
The same is true in marriage. When we demand something from our spouse that he or she cannot deliver immediately, our first reaction is to turn away, to not be patient. If the disappointments and the turning away becomes habitual, our marriage is in deep trouble. Notice that the verse above does not say we will always get what we want. Instead, it promises that our hearts will be stengthened. We will learn to be patient we will learn how to love even when we do not receive what we think we want.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


It's eazy to say "I love you," especially when we want something from another. The words just fall off our tongues, never even going through our brains on the way. You can fool a lot of people into believing those words, too, at least until your actions prove otherwise.
Peopl who have been brought up to love generously can be guilty of using those three words inappropriately, too. There are a lot of huggy-kissy people who would be well advised to keep their distance until others can see if their words are backed up by their lives.

My childern,
let us not love in word or in tongue,
but in deed and in truth.
1 john 3:18

Friday, August 18, 2006


hello everyone!
I haven't been on here in a long while.
I have been going thru some very hard time's in my life but any way i am back i would like to thanks everyone for the comments left on my blog. I just hope thangs get better for me!
I have god in my life now so hopefuly they will.
your friend tiffany