Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hell0 every0ne i am learnin h0w 2 p0st via my cell ph0ne since my pc is br0ke.This is like a test p0st s0 i h0pe it g0es thru.

Monday, December 07, 2009

our song i love it it makes me cry! But i still love it video and lyrics

Well I know there's a reason And I know there's a rhyme We were meant to be together That's why ... We can roll with the punches We can stroll hand in hand And when I say it's forever You understand ... That you're always in my heart, You're always on my mind But when it all becomes too much, You're never far behind And there's no one that comes close to you Could ever take your place Cause only you can love me this way I could have turned a different corner I could have gone another place Then I'd of never had this feeling That I feel today, yeah.. And you're always in my heart, Always on my mind When it all becomes too much, You're never far behind And there's no one that comes close to you Could ever take your place Cause only you can love me this way Ooooh... And you're always in my heart, You're always on my mind And when it all becomes too much, you're never far behind And there's no one that comes close to you Could ever take your place Cause only you can love me this way Ooooh... Only you can love me this way.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another update

Well I thought i would give another up date On Octavio my b/f
Well i finally got a call from him after 3 days of not hearing nothing i was very upset because when he was in Boone county jail they show on there web site when the release someone and it said he was shipped to grayson county jail and i call and checked there web site for 2 days and they kept saying he wasn't in there jail so i was loosing my mind and then on the 3rd day i woke up and checked my cell for missed calls and there was 2 so i checked voice mail and it said he was in kenosha county jail i thought to myself that don't sound like a county in Kentucky i said to my uncle who was he that sounds like a county in Wisconsin and googled it i be damned if i wasn't right yeah he is in Wisconsin so about a half in hour later he called back and they said i could not accept his phone call i had to have a credit or debt card so i had a friend take me to put money on my pre paid debt card and he called later that day and i gave them my info and we talked for about 12 Min's and he told me he was taking for Boone county jail on the 3rd of DEC and went strait to Chicago and they where full and he was sent to the closest county and they told him it could be any where from 1 week to 1 month before he goes back to Chicago and that same day he will be sent to Mexico on a air plane I'm so happy i know what they told him but now i have a new problem he called back and it said i needed to make another 25.00 deposit like oh my god what you mean to tell me they charged me $25.00 for that 12 min call we had they are a rip off i am so mad Monday i am going to call and try to talk to a supper visor because i was told there was not one on the weekend and the lady was not nice at all i am trying to get some work this week so i can get enough money for my bus ticket to Mexico and i don't know how I'm gonna do it and i need to get more Min's on the phone because he is going to call me when they are sending him to Chicago so i can leave and go ahead to Mexico and wait for him in the place where they are going to leave him so anyone know of anyone who needs a worker for a day or 2 please help if you do thanks your friend Tiffany Salas

Jordan Jose My Son

Man i feel like my baby boy is no longer a baby.
I had my son on DEC 1 2001 his name is Jordan Jose Castillo Espinoza
I always wanted a boy and i felt so bad for him when i had him he had pneumonia and Asama very bad he stayed in the hospital for 11 days it seemed like months to me any way when he was about 4 he was acting like he was drunk and wasn't answering me so me and his dad took him to the hospital and found out he has sugar diabetes his sugar level was at 1,500 i felt like i did something wrong like i did pay attion to the signs he was all ways a big drinker but i never knew he had sugar well he turned 8 DEC 1 and he still has sugar diabetes and gets 2 shots a day he wants to start giving his own shots. I am a little sad my little man is no longer a baby.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Up Date on Octavio My Boyfriend

First i want to say A very special thank you to my long time friend Nick!
You did something that you did not have to do and it means alot 2 me thanks!

OK Octavio my b/f was shipped from Jefferson county jail here in Louisville to Boone County Jail in Burlington Ky where he has been for almost 2 weeks he is awaiting IMMIGRATION to come pick him up and take him to Chicago and wait in another jail for 2 or 3 weeks then they will talk him to Mexico well the Mexican boarder Ciudad Juarez witch is 2179 kilometers that's like 1355 miles away, and it will take you non stop 21 hours to get there from where is house is in Veracruz Mexico with no money or nothing i just home he get to Mexico quick and not sit in jail for a long time so that's all i know as for the children they are a little better as for me i am finaly eating i stoped eating for 8 days and I'm trying to be strong like Octavio asked me to be but it is very very hard my plan is to try and find house work yard work or what ever i can find to make some money and go to Mexico so he can start the process on a visa so we don't have to go thru this ever agian! i will keep everyone posted thanks for reading my blog! Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

For Mi amorcito Octavio Salas! Te amo papi!

I don't understand why when a man works to support his family
and is not selling drugs or doing any thang bad doesn't have the right to live in the USA you are probably woundering where all of this is coming from huh well
on January 18 2009 i met my fiance on that day i found out love at first sight is possible because we both feel in love when we met on November 18 he came home i gave him a ring and told him i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him he said he wants the same keep in mind that day was our 10 month anniversary he walked down the Ailey and went to the store

on the way back he was stoped by a police officer and was thrown in jail for no id
next day judge says your free to go and then it happens THE WORST DAY OF OUR LIFE'S!

immigration comes and gets him and transfers him to another jail to wait to deport him back to Mexico.

I feel lost with out him like i don't know how to live my children are sad my 5 yr old says mommy we are not going to have a Christmas because papi is not here momma i don't want any Christmas until hes back that broke my heart
everyone likes my fiancee he is a good man he does nothing wrong
why not look for the ones that are doing bad not the ones who are good people

i am scared that i am going to be very depressed and who knows what will happen!
All i can do is pray and if i could ask can you all please pray for us also not just me and my kids but for Octavio Salas my b/f

Thank you all!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

halloween pics of kids and octavio

This is henda my oldest daughter with mask on and her brother my son and she is on octavios back octavio is my boyfriend
Henda and octavio agian

my youngest rosabella 5 jordan my son 7 and henda my oldest 12 and my boyfriend

rosabella and octavio
she is so my little witch she can be very mean lol


hello how is everyone? i hope everyone is doing well in this world sorry i have not worte much i have been doing the ebay thang and boy is it alot of work! i will be posting about once or twice a week untill i can start makeing some money its hard to make a buck these days! i am trying to put in a link to my store so if you want you can check out my store or aucton thanks

Monday, November 02, 2009

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