Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jordan Jose My Son

Man i feel like my baby boy is no longer a baby.
I had my son on DEC 1 2001 his name is Jordan Jose Castillo Espinoza
I always wanted a boy and i felt so bad for him when i had him he had pneumonia and Asama very bad he stayed in the hospital for 11 days it seemed like months to me any way when he was about 4 he was acting like he was drunk and wasn't answering me so me and his dad took him to the hospital and found out he has sugar diabetes his sugar level was at 1,500 i felt like i did something wrong like i did pay attion to the signs he was all ways a big drinker but i never knew he had sugar well he turned 8 DEC 1 and he still has sugar diabetes and gets 2 shots a day he wants to start giving his own shots. I am a little sad my little man is no longer a baby.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Happy birthday, Jordan Jose Castillo Espinoza! You are growing into quite a handsome young man.

Anonymous said...

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